These programs are ideal for the modern photographer AND entrepreneurs who wants to elevate their game. Mentoring sessions are available up to 4 times per month over a period of up to 6 months. They are held online via Skype or Google Hangouts and we can cover anything you would like to study, such as image processing, workflow, marketing, image evaluation, website design, camera techniques, and more – it is totally up to you! 

Prior to the start of your mentorship program, we will chat over the phone to discuss your needs and goals. We will determine how many sessions would be best for you based on those goals, and we will schedule a timeframe to complete your desired package.

Possible topics can include:

  • Workflow Strategies
  • RAW processing, archiving & keywording
  • Photo enhancement & effects
  • HDR processing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sizing photos for web & print
  • Composition & cropping
  • Portfolio critique
  • Personal style
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Camera operation & settings
  • Selling & marketing your photos 

I will build a session that is perfectly suited to you. The possibilities are endless! Sessions are done completely online. This allows you to enroll in my mentorship program wherever you live, and complete each session from the comfort of your home or office. If you need support, we can screen share with the help of Skype or Google Hangouts so you can watch what I am doing during a session, and we can even switch screens so I can see your computer.

*additional travel fees may be added for on-location.

Personal Growship (Online Only)

Sessions of your choice from the above options may be requested on-demand. This means mentorship could be spread out over the course of weeks or months. This allows time for you to practice what you have learned and gives us the ability to review & analyze results. 

  • $125/hr by phone/computer
  • $150/hr in person (my home/studio)
  • $175/hr on location*
  • $50 /hr support.

Critique + Portfolio Review

The fastest way to grow as a photographer is to have someone else review your work and provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. My critique style is positive and gentle, but honest. My goal is to encourage you and give practical feedback you can put to use on your next photo session. This includes portfolio + website critique. 

These sessions can be done in person, by phone, or online using a online gallery that allows commenting. Sessions can last 30-60 minutes.

$100 per session request.

Workflow  Strategies

Workflow strategies are aimed at working professional photographers who would like to work smarter, improve their businesses, and most importantly, free up their time. The net result is that you will be able to learn more efficiently and thoroughly. Sessions can range from 60-120 minutes depending on topic and desired goal. 

  • $150/hr by phone / computer
  • $200/hr in person (my home/studio)
  • $250/hr on location*

Individual Mentors Sessions

The program is set up with your choice and each session lasting one hour. Each session is spaced out every week to allow time for you to work on things discussed during the previous session. Each session can be recorded for additional fee so you can review what we covered time and time again.

Max 12 sessions per month. (add $45 for optional video recording)

  • $200 /hr by phone / computer
  • $250 /hr in person (my home/studio)
  • $300 /hr on location*

I don't mind to provide my resources and ways to get ahead. There's enough success for everyone. If you're a photographer looking to take it to the next level, check out my magazine and photography club. You won't be disappointed.