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When you book your photoshoot with Mike Fox, you have the ability to view the availability and book on the same page. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. I reserve the right to change my prices at any time.

By Appointment with Deposit

50% of the selected photo session deposit is due up front to secure date & time for session or pay in full. Checks, eChecks or Money Orders are not accepted. If photo release forms are needed, they must be signed before the shoot.

All deposits are non-refundable.

If you need further information before completing a transaction, please read my Disclaimer on my website.

Any questions or concerns before completing a transaction, please or email me at and I will email you back within 24 hours. Thank you.

Shoot Prep

A Few Days Before The Shoot...

Call / text your photographer! Confirm time, location, wardrobe and ask any last minute questions.


  • Greasy, spicy, and salty food. 
  • Get your hair trimmed by your regular stylist if you need it. 
  • If you dye your hair, make sure your color is good and roots are not visible. 
  • Get a touch-up done, if necessary. 

If you are having close-ups done or getting makeup applied, have a light facial to close the pores. Test-run this step several weeks prior to make sure you don't have any adverse reactions.

Day/Night Before The Shoot...

Remember to:

  • Remove hair from underarms and legs if applicable.
  • Don't forget your bikini line if you are going to be in swimwear!
  • This should not be your first time using a product, only use self-tanner the day before a shoot if you are experienced with it and know it will look natural.
  • Avoid drinking any alcohol, it leaves the face puffy.
  • Remove any watches, rings, or other jewelry that could leave an impression on your skin.
  • Try not to schedule any activities today, just relax and rest your nerves if you are anxious about the shoot.

Get plenty of sleep!

Day Of The Shoot:

If the shoot is very early (sunrise), go for a light jog prior to the shoot to wake up your face. This eliminates the tired look we see on most people first thing in the morning.


  • Wear sweatpants and loose sneakers. You'll look a lot less stylish when you arrive but you won't have any marks on your skin during the shoot - and isn't that what's important???
  • Pack all of your wardrobe (with shoes, accessories, and props) and your model kit and arrive on time.  It's so important to be punctual, especially for outdoor shoots.  

Make this a priority.

Lastly...Have Fun!

Lead Referrals

Refer a friend and get a $25 cash referral bonus! Simply have them mention your name and email as they are scheduling. You will be emailed with info on how to claim. Client must BOOK to get the referral bonus.

Additional Opportunities

My business is fast-paced and that often means I'm unavailable for clients that inquire with me due to many different reasons. 

I've been looking for a way to send these leads to QUALIFIED PHOTOGRAPHERS to capture events, weddings and BTS shots, sometimes even as a second shooter. I will make the introduction between you and the inquiring client and hand the relationship off from there for you to book them as you normally would if I am unavailable to take the job.

This is a chance to grow your own business under your own name and on your own terms. Once the shoot is complete, I will receive a 25% commission from the shoot.

Please note - most inquiries are in the LA/SF/KY/TN/NY areas and a portfolio review will be done for quality control.

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