Best of 2017

2017 has truly been an incredible year filled with unforgettable moments, experiences and most importantly, people.

It's been a little over 6 months since I've moved to Los Angeles (I've never moved outside of Kentucky) and felt the need to fill everyone in on my journey.

While still enrolled at Western Kentucky University in early 2016, I took a week-long trip to Los Angeles during the middle of the semester. Immediately this raised warning flags for my friends and family that I may finish school or be around forever. A year later and I am an official Alumnus of WKU, pursuing a dream that many told me wasn't possible.


MAY 13TH, 2017

Western Kentucky University - Bowling Green, KY


This happened because I decided to step outside my comfort zone.

The trip to LA in April of 2016 was life-changing and lead to many relationships that are still solid today.

These are some of my favorite images captured throughout the year from Los Angeles and beyond. To everyone I've worked with and those who continue to support, I cannot thank you enough for allowing this incredible journey to be possible. Cheers to an amazing 2018!

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