A La Carte

From mentoring to speeches to campaigns, I want to help you find success in your vision.


Dreams are possible with the right mindset and support. I want you to find success too. Below are options on how I can help you directly empower yourself or your brand.


Mentoring + Coaching

For the first time I'm offering one-on-one mentoring Skype meetings per month. Mentoring is completely transparent discussion about any topic related to business, shooting techniques, post processing, work life balance, marketing, etc. If you're wanting someone who will support your dreams and give you the best advice, this is for you.


Speeches + Presentations + Workshops

From guest panels, hosting events, guest speaking to seminars, and lectures. I am diving into the public figure  realm to speak on photo techniques, marketing strategies, and special tips on how you can achieve success in a world that is quickly changing. Available for conferences, schools, non-profits events, community organizations, etc.


Collaborations + Partnerships

If you have a creative idea or interest in a collaboration feel free to contact me and let's create something unique. Recently, I have become an influencer for many different brands across the world, primarily through Instagram. I'm available for worldwide travel, special campaigns, creative shoots, product tests, and more. Let's partner up!